What We Do

Kalsangi is a food ingredient company providing innovative ingredient-solutions and product concepts to the Southeast Asian food and beverage industry. We have partnerships with leading suppliers from all over the globe – their technologies and quality ingredients made available in our region.

Our Expertise

Sugar Reduction

Partnered with a leadingflavor company, we provide sugar-reduced solutions for food and beverage products.

Gut Health

Gut health equates to overall health. We have solutions focusing on this approach on proactive wellness.

Alternative Protein

With the call for sustainable and healthy products, consumers have been gearing towards plant-based protein.

Clean Label

Serving the market with ingredients of the highest quality, we work with partner clients in developing food products that are safe, without compromising on taste, appearance, and mouthfeel.

Conscious Indulgence

On the occasions when consumers indulge and treat themselves, they want the maximum sensory experience to satisfy their cravings.

Kalsangi Is Your Ideal Partner

Developing a new product? We are here to help.